Meetings and conferences

Conference can be defined in many ways according to its form and purpose. However, the most basic definition of conference is: a gathering of people with the purposes of allowing them to meet one another and share information that focus on a topic of mutual concern.

There are uncountable reasons you might organize a conference, some practical, some social, some political:

  • Political issues at national or international level

  • Maintain prestige of your organization. For example, academics: when the act of organizing a conference itself may bring prestige.

  • The nature of your field: a new field, discoveries, new research findings, ideas and methods that need to be shared with other specialists

  • Corporate issues: company’s annual meeting, companies’ merger, new corporate structure etc.

Types of conferences may also vary from traditional symposium to a workshop with its hands-on experience.

No matter what purpose of the conference is, the main reason people attend the conference is to network. Therefore, our aim is to make your event run smoothly and seamless, relieving the meeting planner of all the land organizational issues and allowing to focus on core matters.

With this concern we provide the turnkey solutions for meetings and conferences, that cover:

  • The venue finding and contracting (hotels conference facilities, exhibition centers, exclusive venues like museums and palaces)

  • Equipment suppliers contracting

  • Accommodation booking

  • Translation services

  • Cultural and entertainment program building

  • Provision of meals and Gala functions

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